On 31 December 2016, a particularly exciting and successful year for Ring Alliance is coming to an end.

In spring, Bensons International Systems was integrated into Ring Alliance Ringbuchtechnik and thus, the strengths of these companies were combined even more effectively. This step is of great advantage to you as our customer, especially through our expanded product portfolio. Since then, we are not only your reliable partner for ring binder mechanisms, but we also gladly provide you with accessories for your binders and presentation products.

2016 was thus not only a year of major changes in our company structure, but also a successful business year. We had a very good order situation, particularly in the first half year and our production location in Hungary has been used at full capacity. For the production of your high-quality ring binder mechanisms, we also invested in additional personnel.

We would like to thank you, our valued customer, for the successful year 2016 and the good, trusting cooperation and we look forward to continuing it 2017 with certainly many exciting challenges.

Special thanks to our colleague, Mr. Zwiers:

Andre Zwiers has played a leading role in the successful development of Bensons International Systems for over 30 years and is still making an important contribution to our company as our external consultant. His presence with our customers, his popularity in the industry and his solution-oriented style of work have made a big contribution to the success of our company.

Dear Andre, we sincerely thank you for your extraordinary commitment, your loyalty and reliability, and wish you all the best for your future!

We are happy to inform you today about a future-oriented change in our company. In the beginning of May 2016, we integrate Bensons International Systems into RING ALLIANCE Ringbuchtechnik GmbH. Thus, we are pooling our strengths and competencies even more effectively and will remain your reliable partner for ring binder mechanisms and accessories through changing market conditions.

For you as our valued customer, this change brings important benefits. RING ALLIANCE responds to the challenges of our market by means of a flexible production in Europe and an enlarged product portfolio, especially regarding accessories.

As a symbol of the integration of both companies and the continued existence of RING ALLIANCE stands the newly designed logo and website.

(April 2016)

On December 31, not only an exciting year 2014 will be ending, but also an era comes to an end.

juergen_richterFor 26 years, Jürgen Richter has, with his positive attitude, not only accompanied, but also shaped the development of our company as well as of our industry – as a sales agent, initially for Koloman Handler, and later, after the merger with Krause, for RING ALLIANCE.

All employees at our production site in Hungary as well as in Vienna are very grateful for his many years of dedication to our company.

Through his outstanding commitment and continuous presence at our customers, Mr. Richter has a great share in the economic success of our company. His pragmatic, creative and solution-oriented demeanor, as well as his reliability and loyalty were and are his trademark.

He will be missed in our company and the industry. For his coming retirement we wish him a lot of joy with his additional free time and especially good health!

All the best and a heartfelt “Servus”, dear Jürgen Richter!

With saying “Thank you!” to Jürgen Richter, we also kindly ask all or customers in Southern Germany and Austria to send their future requests directly to our Customer Service in Vienna, Ms. Andrea Kasner and Ms. Virginie Nussböck.

(December 2014)

As of January 2015 the new mechanism STR 112/02/16(15) will be added to our range of fully automatically produced round ring binder mechanisms.


Technical data at a glance:

  • Total length: 112 mm
  • Total width: 19 mm
  • Total height: 19 mm
  • Filling height: 12 mm
  • Rivet hole distance: 104 mm
  • Wire diameter: 2,8 x 1,8 mm
  • 1,200 pieces/box = 36,000 pieces/pallet

(December 2014)

Type SXR 272/04/19:
Cost-effective alternative in the school articles business

We expand our school ring binder mechanism product range with the type SXR 272/04/19. This mechanism, with a diameter of 20 and a base width of 15 is manufactured fully automatically and is a cost-effective product alternative in the very price-sensitive school articles business.


Technical data at a glance:

  • Full length 272 mm
  • Full width 24 mm
  • Full height 23 mm
  • Filling height 14 mm
  • Rivet hole spacing 265,5
  • Wire diameter 2,8 x 1,8
  • 540 pieces / carton, resp. 16,200 pieces / pallet

We gladly send you samples – please contact us (office@ring-alliance.com).

(March 2014)

Machine for OCD-4-ring-mechanisms:
Maintenance measures und new control station

Our machine for OCD-4-ring-mechanism on base width 27 mm undergoes a 4-week general overhaul this spring.

What happens exactly?

  • All wear parts will be exchanged:
    e.g. chain guides, gear wheels, valves, sensors, wires, air tubes, electronic contacts
  • Set-ups for occupational safety will be renewed:
    e.g. safety switches and perspex

The aim of these extensive measures is to ensure machine capacity and product quality long-term.

Additionally, there will be installed a new control station for quality assurance.
It scans every single ring binder mechanism during the production process, to check the ring strips’ exact positioning in the base plate.

This facilitates height difference checks with the exactness of a tenth of a millimeter and increases the process and quality assurance many times over.

Machine for types SXR 272/04/16 and 20(15):
Innovative camera station

news_kamerastationAt the machine for the types SXR 272/04/16 und 20(15), there has recently been installed a camera system for quality assurance. The camera, which works in the dark by using red light, registers differences in side and height offsets smaller than 0.1 millimeter.

During the manufacturing process, a 100% product check is done. Mechanisms which show a difference in side or height offsets are automatically ejected. Thus it is provided, that only flawless goods are delivered to our customers.

(March 2014)

All new in May:
New box tools, 27 ring holder round instead of prismatic

It is important for us that you can rely on the consistent high quality of our products. That’s why we are exchanging all insets in the box tools for widths 21 and 27 right now. Additionally, insets with high wear will be produced as spare parts, to ensure fast exchangeability, if needed.

On this occasion, we follow a wish expressed by many customers regarding a standardized design: As from the beginning of May 2013 we will change the design of our mechanism ring holders with 27 casing from prismatic to round. Thus, these mechanisms are adapted to the design of the mechanisms with base width 21 and 38.

The adaptation affects the following dimensions:

  • OCD 132/02/30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52
  • OCD 290/04/30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52
  • STB 132/02/30, 35, 40, 45, 52, 65
  • STB 290/04/30, 35, 40, 45, 52, 65
  • STR 132/02/29, 35, 38, 45, 50
  • STR 290/04/29, 35, 38, 45, 50

3-ring-mechanisms, as well as a lot of individual productions using this filling height, will be produced with prismatic ring holders for the time being.

Quality management:
Control station at 4-ring-machine

Recently, our allrounder, the 4-ring-machine, has been equipped with an automated control station for checking the correct assembly. By the means of electronic sensors, it checks the height values at several different places. Defective parts are automatically ejected. The risk of incorrectly assembled ring holders, resulting from a difference in height, is eliminated.

(March 2013)

news01With the help of two investments, RING ALLIANCE increases the energy efficiency in its manufacturing.

On the one hand, the industrial waste heat, which is formed in the manufacturing process, is harnessed for the electroplating by using heat exchangers. The energy needed for the electroplating has so far been made available with long- distance heating and gas. In the future, it will be produced as a side-product and will secure the operating temperature of 90 degrees celsius which is required for the electroplating.

On the other hand we improve the energy efficiency in the whole production area by installing new luminescent lamps. Innovative lighting technology simultaneously secures the required lighting levels and reduces demand for electric power.

With these investments, RING ALLIANCE counters not only the challenges related to rising energy costs, but also makes an important contribution to protecting the environment and its resources.

Our efforts to operate profitably on a sustainable basis, have recently been acknowledged by an independent, well-known institution. Dun & Bradstreet, leading provider of information regarding credit, sales, marketing and purchase management, has certified Koloman Handler Kft.









The world´s largest company database provides reliable insolvency predictions, credit ratings and credit recommendations about more than 140 million companies. Dun & Bradstreet has classified Koloman Handler Kft. as a trustworthy company with a risk below the average and, thus, as an attractive business partner.